If you are searching for authentic looking London bus blinds, you have come to the right site!. Whether you require a London Transport (L.T.) or a London Country Bus Services (LCBS) blind, we are able to produce any blind for any aperture to fit any bus from any garage in any era.

Yes, that’s right any blind – for example:

  • a Green Line blind to fit to a  pre-war 10T10 coach,
  • a ‘five-line via’ and matching ultimate destination showing ‘ONLY’ in keeping with an RT-type bus operating in the 1950s,
  • a ‘hand-cut’ lettering style blind made by McKenna Brothers or Norbury Brothers as fitted to Titans and Metros in the late 1980’s
  • a set of Private Hire and Wedding Special blinds in L.T. style for a Routemaster bus

...whatever it is, we can supply it, including complete vehicle sets! 

We offer a range of services which include:

Researching the text carried on any L.T. / L.C.B.S. blind to produce accurate copies of blinds as fitted to vehicles at particular depots

Compiling mixed blinds – from different depots and / or eras to suit your individual requirements

We can produce blinds on a range of media – for example,

  • paper for running days and rallies,
  • tyvek for permanent use in heritage, preserved or commercial vehicles,
  • paper-on-linen blinds (Aldenham style) for replacing missing or damaged panels in original blinds

all with authentically matched colours, all water-resistant and all capable of being backlit with minimal bleed-through.

Of course, if you require destination blinds for any other purpose, such as the current trend for framed nostalgic London landmarks in pubs and clubs around the world, we can produce your requirements to order.  There is no minimum order – we can supply blinds of any length from one panel to a hundred panels!

What about blinds other than L.T. / L.C.B.S.?  Subject to us sourcing the correct fonts, we can produce these too.  Normally, we would require a sample of the blind or a high resolution photograph of the required displays and details about its dimensions.

“We are now able, at additional cost, to backstamp ultimate destination blinds (such as LT ‘E’ and ‘NN’ types and other front destinations) with telltales for alignment within vehicle cabs.  Other types of blind cannot be backstamped at present (such as RT ‘S’ or ‘WW’ types and Routemaster ‘SS’ or ‘VV’ types) but we will post an update when this service becomes available. We are now able to provide Brightext © destination blinds formulated to meet the requirements of Schedules 2 and 3 to the Public Service Vehicle Accessibility Regulations 2000.  We are also expanding the materials upon which we can supply our blinds, including self-adhesive paper inserts and PET film.  Please enquire for further details.

The following pages show a gallery of examples of our products fitted into the vehicles of our clients, details of how to place orders and a contact us form for setting out your requirements.

Blinds for Buses is a trading name of South East Bus Supplies Limited.